Ladybug® SDK

Every Ladybug® camera system includes a feature rich Software Development Kit (SDK) to manage image acquisition, camera settings, image processing, and spherical and panoramic image and video production.

The Ladybug SDK includes multiple applications for acquiring, recording and processing images from the camera. It also includes example source code for a quick start in C/C++ and C#, drivers for the camera and host controllers. The C/C++ and C# APIs allow users to easily integrate Ladybug functionality with custom applications.

For a full list of new features and enhancements, please see the Ladybug release notes from the Downloads Page or the What's New topic in the SDK help

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Camera Parameter Control
  • Access camera settings and information, including:
    --Auto exposure
    --White balance
    --Frame rate
    --Independent sensor control
  • Control the level of JPEG compression being applied by the camera.
  • Full featured GUI application for interaction with Ladybug cameras
  • Full control of camera parameters mentioned above
  • Acquire and record images from Ladybug cameras to stream files
  • Receive and integrate NMEA data from a GPS device
  • Load images from stream files
  • Display raw and rectified imagery from each camera sensor
  • Display fully stitched panoramic, spherical and dome images
  • Export images to the following formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF (8 and 16-bit)
  • Export videos to the following formats: AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4
  • Simple GUI application to record images from Ladybug cameras to stream files.
  • Lower system requirements as compared to LadybugCapPro, suitable for lower-end machines
  • Simple console application to record images from Ladybug cameras to stream files.
  • Available for both Windows and Linux SDKs.
Post-processing pipeline
  • The post-processing pipeline is available for Ladybug5 cameras when recording in 12-bit or 16-bit JPEG or Raw modes.
  • Modified and save settings on a per image basis.
  • Color process images using a variety of different color processing algorithms
  • Luminance control: Auto exposure, Manual, Automatic (with exposure compensation), Independent
  • Color control
    -- White balance (automatic, preset or manual)
    -- Saturation
    -- Level adjustments
    -- Manual white / grey point setting
  • Tonal control
    -- Gamma
    -- Tone mapping
  • Others
    -- Unsaturated and saturated smear correction
    -- Noise reduction
    -- Sharpening
    -- False color removal
  • GPU acceleration available for several operations
Graphics Rendering
  • Rectification, stitching and blending are done live on the graphics card.
  • The SDK takes advantage of OpenGL to texture map the inside of an OpenGL sphere or cylinder, which can then be rendered.
  • Rendering options include a virtual camera view from the inside of the sphere or a panoramic rendering of the sphere. Hardware acceleration of the rendering can be achieved on most graphics cards, including Nvidia, AMD and Intel.
Coordinate System Overview
  • Effective warping and stitching of the images produced by the camera system’s six sensors is achieved through accurate calibration of the physical location and orientation of the sensors and the distortion model of the lens.
  • The Ladybug software manages the camera coordinate system by breaking it down into seven right-handed coordinate frames of one of two types: six independent image sensor coordinate frames and a camera coordinate frame.
    Development Kit Contents

Development Kit Contents

  • Included with all Point Grey Spherical Vision Products.

Emissions and RoHS Compliance
Not applicable.


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In order to play and edit the following stream files download and install LadybugSDK software
Ladybug Full Uncompressed JPEG
Ladybug5 Sample Stream File

Download Ladybug3
Full Uncompressed Resolution 
Stream Sample 294MB

Download Ladybug5
Full Uncompressed Resolution 
Stream Sample 618MB


Technical Documents
Knowledge Base Articles
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Ladybug SDK provides a simple mechanism to produce Adobe Flash movies from the video you captured with Ladybug cameras.

There are two types of viewers – spherical and panoramic.

Spherical viewer also has an interaction mechanism with Google Maps. The map shows the path to illustrate the actual location where the video was captured. The pointer on the map moves as the video progresses. If you double-click on the specific location on the path, the video seeks to that location.




Panoramic viewer gives you the full field of view of the camera while spherical viewer gives you pan, tilt and zoom control to display the partial image you want to see.


Ladybug SDK Image Stabilization
This video demonstrates the software stabilization for spherical footage.

FlashView Image Stabilization Demo